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Acting Rules: The question is sometimes the answer.


To act or not to act and just be?  That is the question.

-Gayla Goehl, Acting Elements

There is a common mistake in using the word ‘acting’. Often a new student of acting or their parent thinks that this means to ‘pretend’ and even more often they think it means to pretend ‘unrealistically’.

If, when you are acting, you feel fake, then stop. Being fake more won’t suddenly make you truthful. Tell yourself to ‘stop acting’ and instead just be. ┬áMaybe that means to be ‘in character’ or be ‘more centered’ or be ‘in the moment’.

There are many ways of thinking about using the word ‘be’ instead of ‘act’. What ever makes you the most truthful in the moment is the best choice.

Read the quote again.

Which ever works best for you is the answer.