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Wisdom found in conversation: ‘Some’ is greater than ‘none.’

Self Confidence

I was speaking with a kind hearted family about their shy five-year-old daughter and how she dreamed of becoming a successful actress.  They then asked me what qualities an actor would need. I replied and then added ‘an actor needs self-confidence.’

Then their five-year-old daughter’s eyes lit up and she taught me some wisdom. She replied, “I have a little of that.” She was right there telling me that she already had something that she could see in herself that would make her successful as an actor and though she didn’t feel like she had a lot of self confidence, she definitely had ‘some’. Knowing she had some meant that she hoped that she had already started the journey of  achieving her dreams.

To this five-year-old, she hoped her ‘some’ was enough to get her into classes to study acting with me.  To this teacher, I felt as though she was the one doing the teaching in that exact moment.  That moment held an epiphany for me.  Only that individual can truly gauge how much self-confidence they personally have in themselves.  I shouldn’t have implied that because I knew she was shy that meant that she didn’t have ‘any’ confidence.

So where ever you are in your self-confidence journey, or along any creative journal or journey of self discovery or I guess as I write this I realize that it means anywhere you are in anything in your life, it’s okay to start small and then grow from there.

‘Some’ is greater than ‘none’.  A sort of word-mathematical rule. And even if you have ‘none’, start by getting ‘some’.

I guess I can do math after all.