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ACTING WISDOM – Fill The Moment

"Don't Fill the space, fill the moment." Gayla Goehl

“Don’t Fill the space, fill the moment.” Gayla Goehl

I was coaching a young actress who was auditioning for a starring role on a Disney comedy. We were coaching in a large studio and I had the camera on her in a tight close up. However, her energy was focusing on filling the entire area of the space and not focused on filling in the moments of the audition sides. I said “Don’t fill the space, fill the moment.”   She got it. She had been using all her creative energy to deliver a bigger performance than what was needed when watching it on-camera.  The camera was picking up that her moments in the audition sides were not as developed and specific as they should be.  We worked together to find  the series of moments she needed to hit within each of the scenes.  I thought she was hilarious.  And the Disney Network thought so too and…well, three seasons of that very show later she is still making people laugh every week.

Casting Director offices as well as sets and locations  come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are huge and others are incredibly small. Either way don’t concentrate on filling the space, concentrate on filling the moments within the script.