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PERMISSION SLIP #1 “It’s okay to like yourself.”


In case you or someone you know needs it.

As a student,  I always needed a permission slip to go the bathroom, get something from my locker or visit the office.  That little piece of paper gave me the ‘right’ to be out in the hallways accomplishing what I needed to accomplish. The permission slip was a very powerful thing in my life.

Seven years ago I was working on a scene with a young actress. She was struggling to commit to truly get to the emotional point that the scene required. She kept making excuses for why she just couldn’t . She was becoming frustrated at me and asked if we could take a quick break, and then very nicely, asked my ‘permission’ to go to the bathroom.  I replied “You don’t need my permission to go to the bathroom, you can just go, but when you get back, I give you ‘permission’ to commit to the scene.”  She laughed but she understood what I meant.

That was the dawning of it all. Sometimes we need a little ‘permission’ to feel about what we are thinking and what we are doing.

Here is Permission Slip Number #1: “It’s okay to like yourself.”

You have the ‘right’ to go into life and believe it. You can even print a copy and take it with you just in case you doubt it during the day. Show yourself that you have permission to like yourself. And though you NEVER, EVER really need permission from anyone for this, think of it as more as a reminder or symbol or how ever you want to see it and maybe just knowing that you have it in your pocket or in your thoughts, it will help you believe it.




Acting Challenge #3 – Explore Your Feelings





Small town airfield.

How does it make you feel?

Explore your feelings. Beautiful. Lonely. Nothing.

Knowing and imagining your location in a scene makes the emotions stronger.

Actor Emotions – Keep Journal – Hello December


Using your childhood memories of Christmas’s past can be one thing that you can draw upon as an actor to help trigger certain emotions. Keep a journal of emotions and events that have happened during these holiday seasons. The next time you are working on those emotions in class or for an audition look through your journal. See if you can find some inspiration to draw from.