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Young Adult Actress:  I’m trying to get it right.

Kid Yoda: Try and get it wrong.

Being a professional actor mean making mistakes. That’s right!  It is proof you are trying.

So allow yourself to be relaxed enough to be comfortable making mistakes.

Make an interesting choice and go with it.

Be caught up in the moment and blow a line.  Doesn’t matter. The media of film is forgiving. You can always take the line again.

Work on the moment from a more truthful place.

Make a different, stronger choice.

Being a professional actor means you are risking something! So risk it!

Which Comes First – Acting Professionally or Being a Professional Actor?

Being A Professional Actor


Student’s Mom:  When will my son be a professional actor?

Kid Yoda: Acting professionally he will be one.


Which comes first the chicken or the egg?

Which comes first acting professionally or being a professional actor?

Yes, literally being a professional actor means getting paid to act in something.

However, acting professional means that at all times you are preparing like a professional actor by being fully prepared for your auditions and callbacks.

That means lots of things, some of which are:

  • Printing out your sides.
  • Reading everything you have been given even it’s been crossed out.
  • Completely understanding your character.
  • Comprehending all the scenes and their requirements.
  • Doing your script analysis.
  • Either being memorized or incredibly familiar with the dialogue.
  • Being on time for your auditions.
  • Fully committing before you begin your audition.
  • Making connection with the reader.
  • Able to take casting director/director re-direction easily and accurately.
  • Enjoying the whole audition and callback process.
  • Looking forward to your next audition.

It is not making excuses about why you didn’t get a chance to do all of this.

Then when you book that first gig you are already acting like a professional actor.

So which comes first acting professionally or being a professional actor?

The answer is always the same: acting professionally!!!