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Student: I didn’t do my acting homework because….

Top Ten:

10. You only told the whole class to do the homework, you didn’t personally tell me, so I thought I didn’t have to.

9. I couldn’t remember what the homework was even though you had me write it down.

8. I don’t want to get bored of acting.

7. It caused me to get upset that I would have to do stuff at home and then I think wanting to become an actor will be ruined for me. Do you want to ruin my passion for acting?

6. My Mom said I needed to just visualize doing my homework.

5. I have to prioritize my homework at school. (Me: You were on Spring Break though.  Student: My Mom told you that didn’t she? She is so rude.)

4. I’m used to failure.

3. I needed some down time this week.

2. I was at my Grandparents. (Me: The entire week? Student: Well, no. Just the portion of the time that I remembered to do my homework.)

1. I really like you as a teacher and if I do my homework you won’t have anything  to teach anymore and then you might lose your job. I don’t want that to happen to you. Do you?

Kid Yoda: The cause of the because doesn’t matter.

Class is for classwork. Home is for homework. Don’t confuse the two.

Be out of excuses. Be out of be-causes. Be-come good at seeing that you are missing a chance to learn.


ACTING WISDOM – Fill The Moment

"Don't Fill the space, fill the moment." Gayla Goehl

“Don’t Fill the space, fill the moment.” Gayla Goehl

I was coaching a young actress who was auditioning for a starring role on a Disney comedy. We were coaching in a large studio and I had the camera on her in a tight close up. However, her energy was focusing on filling the entire area of the space and not focused on filling in the moments of the audition sides. I said “Don’t fill the space, fill the moment.”   She got it. She had been using all her creative energy to deliver a bigger performance than what was needed when watching it on-camera.  The camera was picking up that her moments in the audition sides were not as developed and specific as they should be.  We worked together to find  the series of moments she needed to hit within each of the scenes.  I thought she was hilarious.  And the Disney Network thought so too and…well, three seasons of that very show later she is still making people laugh every week.

Casting Director offices as well as sets and locations  come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are huge and others are incredibly small. Either way don’t concentrate on filling the space, concentrate on filling the moments within the script.



Conversation I had with an older teen acting student.

Teen:  I really want to start booking projects.

Kid Yoda: What do you think is stopping you?

Teen: No one believes in me. How can I book projects if no one believes in me.

Kid Yoda: Do you believe in your self?

Teen: Not yet.

Kid Yoda: Let’s work on that first then. Don’t wait to believe in yourself.


Don’t wait to start believing in yourself.

WISDOM – Plant a seed…let it grow

Even the tallest of trees

As I look forward to spring, I am planting seeds. My seeds are ideas and thoughts and hopes for myself and my students. If you has a seed of wanting to be an actor or what every you dream but haven’t planted yet, do that today.

Even the tallest of trees once newly sprouted toward the sky. Plant something, even an idea. Give it happiness. Let it grow.  See where you can go! – Gayla Goehl

Wisdom found in conversation: ‘Some’ is greater than ‘none.’

Self Confidence

I was speaking with a kind hearted family about their shy five-year-old daughter and how she dreamed of becoming a successful actress.  They then asked me what qualities an actor would need. I replied and then added ‘an actor needs self-confidence.’

Then their five-year-old daughter’s eyes lit up and she taught me some wisdom. She replied, “I have a little of that.” She was right there telling me that she already had something that she could see in herself that would make her successful as an actor and though she didn’t feel like she had a lot of self confidence, she definitely had ‘some’. Knowing she had some meant that she hoped that she had already started the journey of  achieving her dreams.

To this five-year-old, she hoped her ‘some’ was enough to get her into classes to study acting with me.  To this teacher, I felt as though she was the one doing the teaching in that exact moment.  That moment held an epiphany for me.  Only that individual can truly gauge how much self-confidence they personally have in themselves.  I shouldn’t have implied that because I knew she was shy that meant that she didn’t have ‘any’ confidence.

So where ever you are in your self-confidence journey, or along any creative journal or journey of self discovery or I guess as I write this I realize that it means anywhere you are in anything in your life, it’s okay to start small and then grow from there.

‘Some’ is greater than ‘none’.  A sort of word-mathematical rule. And even if you have ‘none’, start by getting ‘some’.

I guess I can do math after all.


WISDOM: In themselves, children will feel secure…



“In themselves, children will feel secure when secure in themselves are the others they look up to.” Kid Yoda


Halloween 2013.  I am the Queen of the Spiders today.  Walking like I’m Queen of the Spiders. Talking like I’m Queen of the Spiders. Handing out spider rings to my little spider minions.   Making sure that all the kids see that as an adult I am secure in having fun in character. This makes my actions today even more important than my words.